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Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats keep animals warm! If you’ve ever seen a dog shivering or lost a lamb to the cold you know how important it is to keep animals warm. What could be more natural than wool for warmth?

Good Shepherd Lamb and Dog Coats were designed by a shepherd for shepherds and adapted for dogs after many requests. Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are natural wool coats specially designed to help maintain the core body temperature of newborn, sick or frail lambs, goats, and crias and to keep cold doggies warm.

They have been sized for dogs and are especially useful for keeping dogs warm and cozy in cold weather. Old, sick or frail dogs or those suffering from arthritis or joint pain will appreciate the warmth and softness provided by natural wool Good Shepherd Lamb Coats. Short haired dogs or dogs that just like it hotter than our houses usually are in winter will love the warmth and comfort of wool. Wool stretches and conforms to the body and never chaffs or binds.

Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are extremely durable and easily cleaned. They can be washed and dried in the home laundry. Good Shepherd Lamb and Dog coats are reusable and help protect the planet.