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How They Are Made


Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are made of 100% wool fabric recycled from vintage blankets that have been washed and preshrunk (felted).  The wool fabrics vary in thickness, nap, color, weave, texture, design and pattern. Each blanket is unique in that it is no longer being produced in the exact color or pattern. Please contact us for availability of current colors and designs.

Wool is the natural choice for warmth. Wool fibers form air pockets between the fibers that insulate and maintain body heat. Wool fibers are naturally water resistant. Wool can absorb about 30% of its own weight in moisture. What this means is that moisture is wicked away from the body keeping the skin dry.

Binding and Thread

The coat binding is made of a colorfast polyester cotton fabric and is double sewn (both on the inside and the outside) to form the trim of the lamb or dog coat. The thread is double core (cotton covered polyester) for strength and elasticity and in a size suitable for sports equipment (and athletic lambs and dogs! The binding and thread are made in American mills.


The buckles are made of Delrin, an acetyl plastic. These are the same type of buckles used in outdoor backpacking and sports equipment. Delrin does not absorb moisture like nylon buckles and superior UV resistance. Delrin buckles can withstand temperature fluctuations expected throughout the United States ---from the low two digits to the low three digits. It does not become brittle in cold temperatures and retains its strength at higher temperatures. The buckles have a direct pull rating of 50 lbs. These features make it suitable for animal use in an outdoor or barn environment.