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Lamb Coats

Why use lamb coats?

Good Shepherd Lamb coats are invaluable at lambing time in cold climates. They are warm, soft and comfortable for the lamb(s), do not restrict movement and are fluid resistant. The chest piece covers the lamb’s chest and insulates it from the damp and coldness of the ground and prevents chilling of the lamb. 

Good Shepherd Lamb coats do not interfere with maternal bonding. In fact Good Shepherd Lamb coats can encourage bonding. If a ewe is trying to reject one of her lambs, take the coat off of the ‘favored’ lamb, turn it inside out and put it on the lamb trying to be rejected. The ewe will think that both lambs are now her favorite.


Sizes and Prices 

Good Shepherd Lamb Coats are currently available in four size: extra-small, small, medium and large.  Lamb Coats are available in solid colors with contrasting trim.  Please call, write or email us for current color availability.



Lamb/Kid Weight




3 to 5 pounds




6 to 10 pounds




11 to 15 pounds




16 to 22 pounds

















Lamb Coats are also available in plaids, stripes and patterns depending on blanket availability with an additional charge of $2.00 per coat. (Plaid, striped and patterned blankets are more expensive to purchase)


Custom Orders


We do custom work. Please contact us if you have a need for a special size or special wool fabric for a prize show lamb or pet. We have made coats for all sizes of lambs, kids, dogs and cats. The turn-around time for a custom garment is usually about 2 weeks unless we have an unusually large number of orders pending.




We charge no handling fee for packaging. We ship priority mail or parcel post depending on the customer’s desires. In general, shipping is about $5.00 for one coat and $9.00 for 2 to 6 items depending on your zip code and the weight of the items you are purchasing. We ship to Canada at the small parcel rate.

Please contact us with your zip code and we will let you know the exact amount of shipping for the number of items you desire.


Maryland Residents, please add 6% Maryland Sales Tax.


Sorry, we are not set up yet to process credit cards or on line ordering.

Please send check or money order to:


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