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Good Shepherd Lamb and Dog Coats are made of recycled wool blanket fabric from American woolen mills, that has been washed and preshrunk. The coats are hand cut and sewed by local workers in their homes.

The coat covers the back and shoulders of the lamb/dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail---leaving the head and tail area unimpeded—which is important to ensure maternal bonding in newborn lambs. The coat has a unique chest piece that insulated the chest of the lamb or dog from the dampness and cold of the ground. The coat is secured with a fabric belt that goes around the lamb or dog just behind the front legs. It is fastened with an adjustable acetyl nylon buckle. The coat leaves the front shoulders unencumbered and the lamb or dog can move about naturally.

The patterns were developed by taking actual measurements of dozens of newborn lambs, kids and dogs and are sized to fit lambs, kids and dogs of different weights and breeds. The sizing for dogs is more difficult and less accurate if weight alone is used as there is more variation in dog breeds that sheep or coats. We recommend that you measure your dog to determine what size coat is best for him/her.