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Care Instructions

Natural wool Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are used to warm newborn, sick or frail lambs, kids, crias, cats and dogs, or any animal needing help to stay warm or maintain body temperature.


Because Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are made of recycled wool fabric, there may be irregularities in texture, color and thickness. This is normal for recycled woven wool.

Care Instructions

Wash immediately after use. Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats should be washed in warm water with a mild laundry detergent. Wash coats with like-colored coats. Do Not Use Bleach! Bleach breaks the wool fiber, lessens the fibers’ insulating ability, and causes premature deterioration of the coat. The coats can be dried in the drier on a warm setting, or, of course, line dried. Store clean coats in a container with a tight fitting lid like a can or tote to discourage moths, and ensure that your coats are ready for next year’s lambing or kidding , or to warm your cold doggie.


Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats are American made of the highest quality material to insure maximum durability and longvevity. If cared for properly, Good Shepherd Lamb & Dog Coats will last for years and years.